What You Should Know About At Home Genetic Testing

Also referred to as Direct to Consumer (DTC) genetic testing, at-home genetic testing reveals information related to your ancestral wellbeing history and helps predict the risk of certain diseases such as cardiovascular ailments, cancer, or any other genetic disorder. All of this can be done at the convenience of your home by taking a sample of your saliva. The person is provided with an at-home DNA test kit that will analyze his or her DNA and will share the results with you directly.
Though at-home testing provides almost all the information, there is still a question on the validity of the results. Certain studies have shown that at-home genetic testing at certain times may not predict the risk of certain diseases thus a person may not be able to get a clear picture of the diagnosis. This test is only recommended for those who wish to have an insight into their ancestral family tree, but in the true sense, if a person has certain serious health conditions which may be due to some genetic disorder, then it is imperative to undergo genetic testing after having a consultation with the health care provider.
A genetic counselor plays a major role in guiding a person to opt for the genetic test best suited for them as they analyze their family and medical history. After getting thorough information related to this, they will be able to determine the amount of risk and then accordingly recommend them for the test. This won’t be feasible if a person opts for at-home genetic testing. In general, at-home testing only provides information on mutation changes on BCRA1 and BCRA2 genes that are linked to ovarian or breast cancer, which is not sufficient as there are more than 1000 mutations that can be predicted during the test. So, it is highly recommended to undergo counseling before taking at-home genetic testing.
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