Genetic testing in cardiovascular diseases

With the advent of technology in the medical sector, genetic testing related to cardiovascular diseases is no exception. Genetic testing has created an impact in creating awareness among the masses about not compromising on their health. 

If we talk about cardiovascular disease, it generally refers to the condition that involves narrowing down or blocking blood vessels, which may lead to a heart attack. In certain conditions, these diseases are considered to be inherited such as cardiomyopathies, arrhythmic disorders, aneurysms as well as certain types of lipid disorders. Considering this fact, it is imperative to undergo genetic testing for coronary artery disease. Along with this, it is also advisable to undertake genetic counseling before and after the test.

According to a statement issued by American Heart Association, genetic testing or counseling related to hereditary heart diseases greatly help patients and their families in taking a well-informed decision concerning their heart health. But, before undergoing this test, one must have a meeting with their doctor or health care provider that involves tracking a series of information related to any heart disease in the family history, spreading over to three consecutive generations. This test is only recommended for those at a high risk of inheriting cardiovascular diseases or for people who have a family history of gene abnormality.

Genetic counseling is a must before undergoing genetic testing as the counselor will guide you on various aspects and consequences of this test. It also educates patients on the process and results, risks, and uncertainties involved in the testing procedure. They also advise them on how to communicate the results of their test with their family member so that they can also take preventive measures related to any genetic mutation, if possible. 

It is crucial to understand that genetic testing only predicts the risk factors related to cardiovascular diseases in a family. It doesn't provide any surety for the results.  

The first thing which comes to one’s mind is the investment related to the test. In general, the test for heart disease costs in Dubai is approximately around 1970 UAE Dirhams. Though various diagnostic centers in Dubai offer genetic testing, if you are looking forward to cost-effective and reliable heart-related tests in Business Bay Dubai, then you must book your appointment with Uturn9 Diagnostics. Powered by fully equipped labs, they offer accurate and in-time diagnostic related to cardiovascular diseases.