Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions at Uturn9 genetic testing.

Genetic Disorders occur when a person’s genes get affected by any mutations. But just because a person carries a particular mutation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll end up with a disease. In most cases, the child will be affected by the disorder if both the parents are carriers of the same mutated gene. There are various types of genetic disorders including – single gene, chromosomal disorders, inherited disorders, etc.

Screening tests are important since they can find out the possibility and risk of there being certain disorders in an unborn child. They include the prenatal genetic screening tests and carrier screening: Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests can screen the foetus for certain defects in the brain and spine (NTDs), facial features, abdomen, and even certain defects in the brain. Carrier screening is done on the parents, before or after the pregnancy. It is done either through their tissue sample from inside their cheek or their blood sample to detect if the parent is carrying any gene for inherited disorders..

Genetic Testing offers various benefits, such as determining paternity, identifying mutations, spotting genetic health issues, discovering abnormalities and mutations., developmental abnormalities such as limb disfigurement, etc., monitoring the health of the baby, and much more. These tests also help the doctors in providing the proper treatment, medications, and the right advice regarding the further course of pregnancy..

Genetic testing requiring blood samples or buccal smear doesn’t generally negatively impact a person’s physical health, but the procedures for certain prenatal diagnostic testing such as amniocentesis & chorionic villus sampling, carry a small risk of miscarriage since they require a sample of amniotic fluid. These tests can also be emotionally disturbing, since learning that you or your loved ones have or are at risk for a disease can be scary.

We understand that in today’s time, people try to stay at their home as much as possible, to not contract the coronavirus. So to solve this issue of yours, we have made the process convenient and effortless for you. For this test, all you need is our home-based saliva collection kit to send your DNA sample to our lab, and we will do the rest of the work from there.